Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Behind-the-scenes: Agency Testing w/Vik Soos

Yesterday was the day I shot with Vik for some agency testing. We worked with a really wonderful new face named Jossalyn for Cast Images, with the talented Ashlee and Ericka mastering the makeup and hair for us for the day. No final images yet, but here's a behind-the-scenes look at the fun we had!

Also, I'm a redhead again!

Well technically its like a dark pink-red. Almost like a raspberry. Definitely by accident, but its growing on me. (Literally and figuratively.)

Anyhoo! Hope everyone's been having an awesome week! More photoshoot fun on the way!

- Kailee

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Current obsessions: Pixlr, dead bugs, and the Brandy Melville July lookbook.

Lace sweater: LilyWhite ♥ vintage bag: Rosetti ♥ Dany platform shoes:
Jessica Simpson ♥ DIY cutoff shorts ♥ chain necklace borrowed from my mom

Finally got around to wearing the amazing lace sweater my mom got me on a recent trip to Haight & Ashbury in SF. Surprisingly, parking was easy to find for once, and after dropping by Loved to Death; I've also decided that I want to start collecting preserved bugs. Mostly butterflies and moths, but perhaps a few cool-looking beetles too.

Anyway! I am currently super obsessed with three things.

1. Pixlr.

I don't have a smart phone, just a blackberry-looking thing. That being said, I've been driving myself crazy over the fact that I can't use instagram, especially when I'm working on shoots/sets; I've been wanting to share more with you guys on what goes on behind-the-scenes. (I've previously had to snag whatever photos I could from Ashlee and Ericka's instagram accounts lol) Instead, I've been (obsessively) using this wonderful little site called Pixlr that lets you upload from facebook or the web and edit your photos with all these cool filters and effects and what have you. If you're a friend on facebook, then you've been witness to me editing and uploading like a mad woman (seriously, I think I have a problem) and you can definitely expect to see more behind-the-scenes photoshoot content now that I have this nifty little app on FB : )

2. Pretty dead bugs preserved in pretty glass cases.


I love the way they look, splayed out and labelled. There's something very avant-garde about them, and I'll admit, a bit morbid, but morbidly beautiful if anything.

3. the Brandy Melville July lookbook.

I love the fun, carefree story here, and the summertime inspiration. The whole thing makes me want to drive down to SC with the best gal pal and play along the boardwalk, not to mention to buy everything in the store right meow. (And if I had a big enough bank account, believe me I would! Lol!)

Yep. These are a few of my favorite things.

- Kailee

Photo credits:  Brandy Melville USA, We Heart It

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Busy, busy...

This week has been a bit crazy. I've been prepping for SoCal, applying to jobs and connecting with some folks for future styling gigs, I've also been getting ready for a couple of shoots I have coming up before I leave; some agency tests for my friend Vik (who I've modeled for previously) and some artist promo work for my friend Adam. I'm definitely looking forward to both! This coming Monday I have an appointment to pick up wardrobe from Goodstock (for the shoot with Vik), which is an amazing boutique in Downtown Sac that I literally wish I could live in... I've also been pre-occupied with babysitting the newest member of the family: Sophie.

WARNING: Cuteness may cause ear-to-ear grinning and explosion of the brain.

I'm also heavily addicted to Pixlr-o-matic, which is like Instagram, but for people like myself who aren't cool enough to own an iPhone or Android and therefore don't have access to/can't use Instagram. Lol.

- Kailee

Sunday, July 8, 2012

Story: Eastern Values

So after a week of anxiously awaiting the results of the last fashion story I worked on with Jacqueline and Ashlee, miss Jackie was able to finish the editing and sent us the final shots--and I couldn't be more stoked on them! Everything turned out even better than I had imagined it would and it was all thanks to our awesome team! I love the lighting and how the tones turned out together. Everything you see is vintage (including a tiddly bit of Dior) and we shot in downtown Sacramento in Little Asia, which is virtually one block of restaurants, apartments, and a community center.

Photography: Jacqueline Harriet
Hair: Ericka Verrett
Styling: Self (Kailee Smith)
Model: Grace Heidig

Loved every minute of this shoot; and the amazing time and effort we all put in! Can't wait to do it again!

- K